Malapit na bertdey ko

From my comment box:

I want to place a side-comment though, about how you gave up your other Blog just cause you have naysayers and haters.

Hell, if I had those, i probably would have fixed my blog by now – gotta love ‘em haters.

In the end, it’s all you – I just hope you enjoy what you are doing, obviously – you seem to have inspired your fans as well as shaken a bee’s nest so hard they try any cheap shots worth noticing.


Yeah, I know, Dminotaur. It was a hard decision for me but it’s not about the haters. Ang babaw naman nun.

I have a life outside the cyberworld and there are people I love who could get hurt by all these. My priority is to protect them. If I won’t do it, nobody will.

I am only 25 years old (turning 26 in a couple of weeks). My world turned upside down because of one post. The Ella of my other blog became public property overnight. It’s fine because may pagbabago naman sa pamamalakad kahit konti.

I have no regrets, just did what has to be done. If we turn back the hands of time, ganoon din siguro ang mangyayari. Que sera sera.

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Bertdey ko na, guys, dalawang linggo na lang. Ilang bertday na lang ang nalalabi, malalaglag na ako sa kalendaryo huhu 😥 Shet, ang bilis ng panahon! Kainis. Parang kaka-bertdey ko pa lang, di ba?

Saan na naman kaya ako pupunta? Saan kami kakain? Ano ang aming kakainin? Ano kaya ang gip ko sa sarili ko? Ano ang gip ni Boo sa akin? At ano ang gip ‘nyo sa akin? 👿

Note: Oist, your love and devotion is good but I need gips. Taon-taon, pagmamahal ang gip ‘nyo sa akin eh. Pengeng gip.

gift kisses